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The Monarch, London, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+

The Lightning Year The Lightning Year, ( TLY ) were born in the summer of 2016. Five eccentric musicians from South London who wanted to take the right side of Psych Rock and unite it with a greater Electronic pop sensibility. Twisted tales and anthems dedicated to the joys of love and strangeness, the perpetual motion of your head and your heart, They’re the soundtrack to the Road Movie in your mind, destination unknown.

Their Debut Self-Produced single ‘Endless Memory‘ was mixed by Catherine Marks (WolfAlice, The Amazons, Foals) and is released through enigmatic new Manchester/London Indie Nice Swan Records on 27th Jan.

Fine Creatures “When we first started, I always said that I wanted to be ‘the dirty Beatles’,” laughs Fine Creatures frontman James Hall. “That’s a good way to describe us.” It’s that rough and ready blueprint of pop, grunge and psychedelia where melody meets menace that makes Fine Creatures such a bright shining hope. They make inescapable earworms, but with a nasty bite. Formed of three friends studying at university in 2013, the inception of Fine Creatures took place through sharing a student house and a love of ‘60’s pop and ‘90s alt-rock. With the later addition of Malte Henning on guitar, the Brighton four-piece were complete - and things really started to pick up. Deafeningly loud and electrifyingly lively, the immediacy of Fine Creatures’ live show has fed into the life and soul of their blistering self-titled debut EP. “It’s just a lot of energy met with simple melodies,” says Hall of the spirit of the record. “It’s just us being honest and real.” That spirit is perfectly captured in launch track ‘Birthday Cake’ - a three minute rush of unhinged pop and volatile rock that demands to be played as loud as possible. Rooted in a break-neck quiet-LOUD- quiet-LOUD dynamic, lifted by the sheer abandon of an undeniable sing-along, and warped by the mad scientist social commentary of Hall spitting venom at a “bigot”, “just coked up for fun” - it’s a signpost of a band taking the feral nihilism of Nirvana and the shameless joy of The Beatles to a new, modern frontier. Throughout the EP, from the free and easy charm of ‘Panthers’ to the snarling bravado of ‘Settle Down’ and future anthem ‘Get Up’, it’s a record packed with promise that maintains momentum and threatens to take the band beyond the heights of the new rock revolution led by Wolf Alice and Royal Blood. This is music ready for arenas. “Of course we want to be the biggest band in the world,” shrugs Hall. “We just want to grow and learn as much as can. All we can be is ourselves.” And to paraphrase a wise man, all you need is Fine Creatures.

The Young Hearts

The Young Hearts featured in Kerrang’s ‘Top 10 Pop Punk Releases of 2017’ and have built a strong and loyal fanbase off the back of touring with bands such as Junior, Bellevue Days, and Coast To Coast. The band have upcoming shows with Millie Sanders, The King Blues, and many more

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